3. Spirit Journey

Spirit Journey from pg. 188 of Awakening Spirits by Tom Brown Jr.

In your mind choose a place close by that you know exists but have never explored.
Now find a place free of distraction and comfortable, to concentrate on the Sacred Silence Meditation.
Go deep in to Sacred Silence, ending with breath to heart sequence.
Travel to Medicine Place and play there for a while.
Enter Sacred Place and recline there as you are in the flesh.
Envision Sacred Place slowly changing and becoming exactly like the place you’ve chosen to do this exercise.
Make envisioning as real as possible. This may be quite easy since you’re already there in the flesh.
Without opening your eyes or moving on the physical level, envision yourself slowly standing up and looking around.
You may want to turn and look at your body sitting there.
Envision yourself walking towards the unexplored place you have chosen.
Feel yourself making every step, seeing the landscape pass, hearing the sounds and feeling all the sensations.
Explore the chosen place fully.
Look at, the pattern of trees and brush, lay of the land, the specifics and at things in general.
Listen to the sounds.
Pay close attention to any symbols or sensations.
After you have explored the area well, begin your return journey.
Keep it as real as possible.
Continue to walk back to your envisioned body and slowly get back.
Feel your body shift slightly with the process.
As you lie there for a few moments, begin to change the area back into your Sacred Place.
Envision yourself rising and moving out of your medicine place and back to physical body.
Now go and explore the unexplored area in physical reality.
You will be amazed at the results and in no doubt that youve been there, for youve seen it all in your envisioning.





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