2. The Medicine Place

Basic Envisioning Exercise (The Medicine Place) from Awakening Spirits by Tom Brown Jr.

This exercise consists of 3 Worlds, the Path, Steps and Medicine Place. When imagining these areas keep them as natural as possible.
Imagine a path or trail to walk down
The path can be in Forest, Mountain, Desert, Jungle, Grassland etc.
Imagine Steps on the right leading off the trail to an Archway or Doorway
(about 10 Steps – Stone Steps are often used)
The Medicine Place is on the other side of this Archway or Doorway and is a special place made of, many Dimensions, Landscapes, Feelings etc.
You can create anything you want here, e.g. a combination of landscapes. Here you can do anything you want, for example; Fly, Swim underwater for hours, Create things at will, Walk with animals, Fly with birds, Speak to fish etc.
You are Strong, Relaxed, Peaceful, Secure, Healthy and Happy here. You can play, forget the fretting, striving and slaving of the world. Be a child again in a place of ultimate freedom.
Make the Path, Steps and Medicine Place as real as possible, use all the senses.

To Begin (pg. 180)
Do the entire Sacred Silence exercise, ending with several Breath to Heart sequences.
Envision standing at start of trail.
Before you walk see trail through your own imagined eyes;
Feel earth beneath feet
Smell freshness of air
Hear wind in trees
Hear calling of birds and symphony of nature
Feel yourself being totally there, using all the senses;
Sight, Sound, Taste, Smell, Touch, Sense of Gravity and the position of your body.
Start to walk slowly.
Feel deep relaxation and peace sweep over you, with every step,
This journey should last several minutes.
Notice Steps (approx 10) leading down to the right.
Approach top of Steps, look down at Archway with brilliant sunlight pouring through it.
Sense the purity of the light, its peace and healing qualities.
Walk down the Steps.
Feel light from Archway start to warm you and feel its healing properties.
Pass through Archway and feel the power of your Medicine Place.
See the breathtaking beauty of this world;
The Mountains, Lush Valleys, Jungles, Beaches, Waterfalls, Animals, Caves, Birds, Fish and Dolphins, Wildflowers, Quiet Pools of Water and Hot Springs.
You create all Trees, Flowers and Landscapes, places that make you feel Good, at Peace and Powerful.
You can change things you dont like.
Eventually, through repeated visits the Landscapes will remain unchanged.

While in the Medicine Place (pg. 182)
Swim with Dolphins, Fly with Birds, Travel through the mystery of Caves and Caverns, Smell the Flowers,
Climb Trees and Mountains, Stand beneath Waterfalls.
Have fun and become a care free child again.
Laugh, Roll in the Mud, Body-Surf the Waves, Dance.
Take on the shape of animals and change that shape as you wish.
You dont want the influence of imagined people yet, stay free of mankind to start with.

To Finish
Work your way back to the Archway and pass through it.
Climb the Steps and with each step feel your strength returning.
On the last step, shift your consciousness back to your physical body.
Stretch, move your arms and legs.
Slowly sit up.
The Sacred Place (pg. 187)

After you have visited your Medicine Place for a while, become familiar with it and feel secure there.
Find or create a special place that you consider to be the centre of your Medicine Place, where you feel most comfortable, secure, healthy and most of all powerful.
Make sure you can stand, sit and recline easily and comfortably (you could mark the place with a circle of small rocks).
To the edge of your Sacred Place, add a large boulder with a flat top that comes up to your waist, long enough and wide enough for someone to lie on. DO NOT place it in the centre of your Sacred Place.
The Sacred Place is a workroom, where you will work miracles in the world of spirit. It is where most spiritual work will begin and end.
It is always a place where we come to begin a task and obeying cyclic laws, its where we end a spiritual task.
It is our place of power, nothing can harm us here, we are all powerful in this place.
All things are possible from the centre of this place provided they are first guided by inner vision and the power of faith.
Go to this place several times before you undertake this next exercise. That way your starting and finishing point will be powerful.


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