1. Journey to the Sacred Silence

Journey to the Sacred Silence from Awakening Spirits by Tom Brown Jr.

Concentrate on sights and sounds of nature then progress to internal concentration points. Progress from lying down, to sitting, then walking and running while in the Sacred Silence.

Entering the Sacred Silence
Lie down with eyes shut
Concentrate fully on breathing (to form Trigger, see 6), the rise and fall of the chest, the flow of breath

1. Command Breaths (pg. 145)
Deep breath, hold it for a few seconds
Release breath completely
Deep breath, focus all distraction, tension, discomfort in to the breath
Release breath along with the distraction and tension
Repeat this last stage 2-4 times

2. Complete Body Relaxation (pg. 146)
Deep breath
Hold breath, flex muscles and tighten isolated parts of body (i.e. section 1)
Release flex with exhalation
Repeat the above steps for each section, below;
1. Feet, Ankles, Shins and Calves
2. Thighs, Buttocks and Lower Abdomen
3. Upper Abdomen, Back and Chest
4. Shoulders, Arms, Forearms and Hands
5. Head, Neck and Face
To finish – Deep breath, hold breath, tense entire body and release on exhalation
Sink in to a relaxed state

3. White Light (pg. 147)
Imagine a column of white light coming down from the sky
Imagine the light moving through the body soothing, relaxing, warming and healing you
When the body is full of white light move the light out to surround the body
Feel the warmth, relaxation, security and peace

4. Body Position and Gravity (pg. 147)
Direct full attention to the position of the body, how it’s lying, position of limbs, head etc.
Feel the heaviness of every part of the body as gravity pulls it to the earth

5. Floating/Flying (no more than 1 min) (pg. 148)
Imagine the body becoming lighter
Imagine floating above the body
Fly across imagined landscapes

6. Breath to Heart (Trigger sequence (pg. 149)
This Trigger sequence can get you straight to the Sacred Silence, but should never be used on its own unless absolutely necessary. Practising the above sequences strengthens the trigger and makes it more dynamic.
Return from flight
Deep gentle breath
Hold breath
Imagine last shreds of tension and distraction building in the chest
Let the breath go easily
Keep exhaling until you can physically feel your heart beating in the chest
Repeat 2-3 times until you can feel the pulses in wrists, thighs and neck
Feel the blood tingling through your scalp

Now move away from the Sacred Silence to full consciousness by stretching and slowly moving to sit up.
4a. Pain and Fear (pg. 148)
This sequence can be added before the Floating/Flying section for releasing pain and fear.
Focus attention on particular pain or discomfort
Identify or qualify the pain/discomfort e.g. throbbing, tight, burning, stabbing etc. (keep it simple)
Give the pain a shape
Concentrate on the shape
Combine the shape and describe visually in the mind
Think of nothing else
Make the pain round like a ball
Make the ball smaller and smaller, to the size of a marble
Pass it completely out of the body into the earth


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