I Will…

I Will…

The following is one of the most inspirational pieces of prose that I have read in many years and it has helped me to embrace and enjoy life again. Thankyou Orlando Rogers ~ Nuxgallica

I Will:

1. Have a plan, know where I’m going and how I’m going to get there. I will have waypoints, goals and targets along the way.

2. Act today as tomorrow never comes. I will be ruthless in my quest to complete even the most menial of tasks.

3. Be positive. I will not entertain negative thoughts or people. My positive attitude will be contagious, whereas negative attitude is cancerous.

4. Spend so much time bettering myself that I do not have time, nor the will to find fault with others.

5. Learn as much as I can from everyone I meet and everything I do. My brain capacity is endless so I will bless it with endless amounts of knowledge and information.

6. Have an unrelenting pursuit for excellence in everything I do. I will not wallow in mediocrity.

7. Utilise all my spare time constructively, not fooling myself by completing the tasks that are simple over those that are important.

8. Carry a note pad! My brain is my supercomputer and my notepad is my screen. Writing something down gives you a 90% chance of completing it.

9. Expose myself to hardships in order to appreciate the simple pleasures of everyday life.

10. Always take the hard route, and take the choice that I am afraid of taking, for it will make me stronger.

11. Predict the future accurately…by inventing it.

12. Be enthusiastic and constantly aspiring. The world will step aside for me as I know where I am going.

13. Be successful. I am the master of my own destiny, the captain of my soul. I know where I want to go and my future is in my hands, and my hands only.

14. Make time to help others who are on a quest for knowledge. I am that man who asks for advice, and thus I shall also give it if I can.

15. Expose myself regularly to danger, and avoid rules and regulations. If I adhere to rules and wrap myself in cotton wool, I will be a pathetic mess when the rules and regulations are not there to protect me. I have been blessed with the ability to make contemplated decisions – which I will live with making. I have judgement, which I will use in anger.

~ Orlando Rogers





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