PACE yourself

PACE yourself

I was inspired here by Wallace Black Elk talking about the personal qualities needed for a Vision Quest (see below). I believe these qualities of Patience, Alertness, Courage and Endurance can be applied to many of life’s endeavours. So, be an Earth Man and remember to PACE yourself. ~ Nuxgallica

Wallace Black Elk on Vision Questing.
“Most people don’t understand hanbleceya [the Vision Quest]. If I were to explain it real deep, that would take maybe two or three days. To really understand it, you have to go up there on the hill and be isolated. Like I have gone on many vision quests. Each time the spirits tell me when to go. They also tell me where to go. So there were times that I was scared, too, but I had to go. I had to carry out this vision.

It may look like it’s real simple, but it’s not simple. It’s really tough. At those times I have to have courage, I have to have patience, I have to have endurance, and I have to have alertness. All these four you have to have to be an Earth Man. So I learn, too. When I go on vision quest, I stand before Tunkashila. I wear a robe, and there is no eating of food. I go there and hold the Chanunpa [Sacred Pipe] in my hands. Then the wisdom, knowledge, power and gift are in my hands. In other words, the “In God We Trust” is in my hands. So I respect and I love.

Black Elk The Sacred Ways of a Lakota (pg138)
by Wallace Black Elk and William S. Lyon.





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