Inner Vision – from The Journey by Tom Brown Jr.

Inner Vision – from The Journey by Tom Brown Jr. pages 19-21

I was now very puzzled because I had no idea of what he was talking about and I guess it showed on my face. Grandfather smiled and said, “As I have told you, the spirit world does not communicate in the words of man, but through dreams, visions, signs, symbols, and feelings or emotions. You have had these things many times but you cannot identify them. You do not know what these things mean.”

I was still puzzled, because I had none of these things that Grandfather spoke of. He continued, without waiting for me to ask, saying, “Have you ever had the feeling of being watched, or that something you are doing or a place you are going just does not feel right? Have you ever had the feeling that something was wrong at home, only to find out that there was something wrong? When you hear people talk about their intuition or gut feeling, that is the communication from your deeper self and the worlds beyond. That is what is called Inner Vision and it is one of the ways which our spirit, and so many other spirits, try to communicate with us. Now what must be done is to show you what your Inner Vision, the voices of spirit, feels like when it is trying to communicate with you, then I must show you how that voice can answer you. To me, it is the voice of Creation, the spirit realms, and even the Creator, and I obey its every command. After you learn what it is and how it talks to you, you must then learn to purify it, so that it is never distorted by your logical mind.”

Grandfather then sat down by me and told me a story. He said that in this story, I was the one he was talking about, and that he was playing the role of my Inner Vision, which knew all things. He said, “Pretend that you are going shopping for your mother and she has told you to pick up several things. When you get to the store, you pick up all the things that you can remember, but as you go to pay for them, you get the feeling that you are forgetting something. As you wander up and down the store, the feeling haunts you, creating a tightness in your chest where something feels in conflict. You try, but you can’t remember what that thing was, but you know that you have forgotten. It is a gnawing feeling, the same way you feel right now. Sometimes it appears as a feeling of overall uneasiness, sometimes just an overall sense that something is wrong, but most of the time it appears as a tightness in the gut, a knowing that something is wrong, something is forgotten.”

Grandfather paused, allowing the feeling of forgetting something to manifest in my gut, then continued. He said, “Now, Grandson, you are paying for all the items that you have bought for your mother. The feeling of forgetting something still persists deep within you but you still do not know what it is. You pay for all the things that you bought, still feeling you have forgotten, and you begin to leave the store. You look up and see a box of light bulbs and you suddenly realize what you have forgotten to buy for your mother is a dozen eggs. You feel a relief sweep over you, finally remembering the eggs. Now you feel good, and you are finally at peace with yourself.”

Grandfather continued, “The tension that you felt in your gut, the feeling of uneasiness, or that something that was just not right, was your Inner Vision trying to tell you what you have forgotten. Remember, the Inner Vision is not just the voice of the spirit world, but of your deeper self, which knows all things. Your Inner Vision cannot speak to you in words, but must use symbols, signs, feelings, dreams, and so many other things. Suddenly you see those light bulbs, packed neatly in a divided box. It is also the way the eggs are packaged, and finally your logical mind recognizes the symbol that your spiritual mind sets forth and you remember the eggs. As soon as you remember, the spiritual mind, your Inner Vision, is satisfied and there is no longer tension. When the tension is gone, the answer is yes. When the tension is there, the answer is no.”

I was more than amazed, not only because of the clarity of what I felt, but because of the simplicity of it all. I had had that feeling so many times before, but until now I had no idea of what it was or what it meant. However, I was very confused because I could not understand what a dozen eggs had to do with the spirit world, or in communicating with spirits. Grandfather waited for me to collect my thoughts, then said, “Grandson, I want you to quiet yourself and ask that place, the same place you felt the tension of forgetting the eggs, if there are spirits.” Quietly, in my mind, I asked myself, but there was no feeling of tension, nothing was in conflict. Grandfather then told me to ask the spirit world if it had anything to say to me right now. I did, and the center of tension appeared. Apparently the spirit world did not want to communicate with me at the moment. Grandfather said, “Before you can go any farther, you have much to learn. You will come back again to this quest for Inner Vision, but before that you must learn much more of what it is and where it comes from. It is far more than telling you that you have forgotten to buy eggs.”





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