Wilderness Mind

Wilderness Mind

I’ve learnt a valuable lesson about wilderness mind, if you’ve heard of Tom Brown Jr you’ll know what I’m talking about. Here is a quote from his book The Quest “we must create an island in our mind. This is the seat of the wilderness mind which keeps us from being sucked into society’s madness” (google it for more, and for a larger excerpt see below).
My lesson came from imagining how beautiful this planet would be if all human existence had never happened. Imagine as you read this, the wild beauty that would surround you right now. If you dare to, keep a vision of that beauty in mind and don’t get sucked into society’s madness. Enjoy! ~ Nuxgallica

“For those of us who are living our Visions every day, we must create an island in our mind. This is the seat of the wilderness mind which keeps us from being sucked into society’s madness. Even though we must live in a world near society, we can create that island of thought in which our conscious and spiritual mind are always thinking of the wilderness, the purity, and the spirit. In times of need we can go back to the spiritual mind, which is directly connected to all of creation. Thus, with a shift in thinking, we become wilderness again even in the heart of a big city. We are at once part of creation and creation is part of us. There is no inner or outer dimensions and no separation of self, only a perfect oneness. The island of the mind then becomes fused with wilderness.

In times of need we must also seek out wilderness, no matter what form it comes to us. It could be a prolonged trip into a grand wilderness area that replenishes our spirit and heals our soul, or it could be just a blade of grass growing between the cracks in the sidewalk of some huge city; both are doorways back to the earth and to purity. Nature is all around us, whether in the city or in the suburbs, all we must learn to do is to use the doorway it provides and find our way back. All prophets, visionaries, and teachers must get back to the purity of wilderness periodically. It must be scheduled, as everything else is scheduled, into our lives. We must stick to our schedule, for that is where we find renewal, answers to our questions, and directions for our Visions.

Above all, we must learn to live our Vision, so there is nothing else in our lives but that Vision. Our families and friends must become part of our Vision, with their personal Visions blending with ours, creating a more powerful Vision. That Vision must be lived beyond self, and we must work from the place of love. To work for self alone is a shallow and hollow form of existence. To reach out and help others, even when it exhausts us, is to live the Vision of love. To work beyond the self is to find one of the true meanings of life, the meaning of love.” from chapter 13 of the Quest by Tom Brown Jr.





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